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Pub Turbo Bar Reviews


This Bar is managed by a Spanish man called Felix in Chicago and an English women call Beith in Trubo. My friend and I went to Chicago for Breakfast and were waitered on by a young lady called Katy who was over working for the summer with her boyfriend which, she informed us, also worked in Pub Turbo. The Monday we were in our food was not cooked right so we complained. The food was still raw inside and we did not want to eat it and land ourselves in hospital. When we complained the waiter did not seem to have clue what she was doing and was a bit red faced. We asked to speak to the management who was a rude and sleezy guy introduced to us as Felix. He said "this is not my problem - what you want me to do about it?" He told us we must pay for it which my friend totally refused. Then a women can along who we found out later to be the manager of Turbo, told us that the police had been called and we would be arrested. My friend spoke in a calm voice and said let the police come this food is raw you should not even be open! We found out later that both these bars are owned by the same guy who owns the Blarney Stone, Durty Nelly's and Dicey Reillys - a person called Yan who we were told is Spanish and owns a load of different bars a pubs around Puerto Rico. The staff told us how badly they are treated by this man. They get 40 euros for a ten hour shift and get no contract which is illegal under Spanish law. When the authorities come around looking to see documentation they are fired and new staff are taken on. This is a disgrace, These young people come across from Britain and Ireland thinking they will have a better life, but saddly end up working for this man and put in a very vulnerable situation. The BBC are doing an undercover report about this at the moment which will be aired in the Autumn.

Review by: Ross - Sunday, 19 June, 2011.

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